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For the first time in his career LeBron James won the assist title during the regular season.

LeBron James averaged 10.3 assists a game during the 2019-2020 NBA season.



[–]Clippers ss2_Zekka 151 指標 9小時前

Washed king huh?


[–]NoMad435 165 指標 6小時前

Incredible career.

He came out of the gates with a shaky shot, in his mid 30s he continues to be a better shooter.

Mid 30s, leads the league in assists for the first time.

People talked about him appointing his friends to run his empire and made some questionable PR decisions, they got better and now are among the most powerful and respected forces you gotta deal with in the NBA.

He came up without a father figure and by all accounts paves the best blueprint for his sons and daughter

He didn't goto college, and is now using his platform and power to fulfill his promise to help kids like he was without the right guidance find ways to empower others.

The kid from inner city Akron embodies the American dream, a growth mindset, and leadership. If he hasn't converted you to a fan or at least respect what hes capable of doing, you're not paying attention!







[–]Lizardking13 14 指標 2小時前

Damn you've just summarized it all incredibly well. LeBron is amazing. And I'm not even a LeBronStan


[–]throwawaythursday99 121 指標 9小時前*

Listed as a PG this season but traditionally not one. Wonder when the last non-backcourt player won the APG title, or if this was a first. Wilt led the league in total assists in '68 -- think they were crediting totals then still and not averages (Oscar had the higher APG)


[–]Heat shotrob 13 指標 6小時前

Jokic next


[–][MIN] Wally Szczerbiak blacbear 8 指標 6小時前

Great passer but don't ever see him winning a passing title.


[–]Heat shotrob 7 指標 5小時前

If MPJ and Murray blossom into 20+ PPG scorers it could happen


[–]Grizzlies preddevils6 107 指標 8小時前

Traditional roles are kind of meaningless for some players. LeBron functions as the point guard for the Lakers, and he did quite a bit for the Heat too.


[–]Pistons Karl-Hevacheck 9 指標 6小時前

I mean lebrons basically been a PG since he was drafted.


[–]Pistons Historical-Regret 46 指標 4小時前

I went to a game in LeBron's rookie year. Had pretty good seats, so you could see a lot of details.

LeBron's passing was the thing that changed the defense the most. When he had the ball, no matter how far from the basket he was, they were on alert and talking like I've never seen a team do before. You could tell they were extremely concerned about his passing.



[–]76ers vin1223 53 指標 7小時前

Most of the star players can basically play 2-3 positions at this point


[–]Cavaliers HK4sixteen 24 指標 6小時前

Harden's basically been a PG for years now


[–]Pistons DMan9797 14 指標 2小時前

Basically there are ball handlers, wings (off ball slashers/3 D), and bigs.


[–]Nets Bigbadbuck 14 指標 7小時前

joins a handful of players to lead the league in scoring and assists. Oscar, harden, westbrook, and west? I think thats pretty much it. probably wilt as well. I could see guys like luka and trae gunning for this eventually as well


[–]Lakers Skorua 615 指標 9小時前

It's not fair he can pass towards the rim and get free assists


[–]QUEST50012 177 指標 9小時前

Is this like the uncontested rebounds trope


[–]Nuggets Piano_Fingerbanger 67 指標 6小時前

It could also be alluding to AD being by far the best finisher he's ever played with


[–]Lakers Otharp 24 指標 5小時前

Not only that, but both JaVale and Dwight can seemingly catch every oop thrown at them no matter how bad the pass is.


[–]Celtics atlanticrim 99 指標 7小時前

“Most are cheap assists, not like Luca’s” -Bill Simmons



[–]Warriors p-wing 11 指標 8小時前

nothing about this season has been regular


[–]Lakers redplaneteer 167 指標 8小時前

i remember earlier this season or last season when JVG said lebron is one of the best passers of all time and mark jackson got all huffy and offended


[–]Nets Yup767 83 指標 5小時前

That's because Mark Jackson probably thinks he's up there because he's 4th in assists all time, when he clearly isn't really close to that discussion


[–]Timberwolves the___heretic 43 指標 4小時前

Mark Jackson is just a cunt in general.


[–]Mavericks PubicAnimeNummerJuan 56 指標 8小時前

It really is a ball-handler's league huh? I count 8 players who are in the top 20 of both PPG and APG (LeBron, Trae, Luka, Dame, Harden, Fox, Westbrook, and D Book), and Beal just barely missed the assist mark that would've made it 9. I don't remember there ever being so many players who could score and facilitate this well


[–]Supersonics rjcarr 47 指標 8小時前

It's more of a catch-and-shoot game compared to an iso game of the earlier eras.


[–][LAL] James Worthy Chevy_Nova_Forever 17 指標 8小時前

It’s because the league has giving their best players the green light. We’re in a run and gun era instead of a play running era. It’s good for stats but I’m sure a lot of historical stats are going to be broken sooner than later.


[–]Bulls Lone_Phantom 8 指標 7小時前

Im confused. I feel like teams run plays but its a lot of off ball action instead of on ball. Does pnr count as a play because we'll see that a lot in the playoffs.


[–][LAL] James Worthy Chevy_Nova_Forever 15 指標 6小時前

I didn’t word it properly my bad. I’m not the smartest so I have trouble articulating my thoughts. Let me give it a shot though.

So when I said teams don’t run as much plays as they used to I didn’t mean it literal. I meant it more so as they give their superstar ball handlers the green light to make decisions on the fly. Back in the 2000’s there was a set play almost every time down the court while in today’s league I feel like there’s more hunting for mismatches and running a free flowing offense. There’s nothing wrong with that I don’t mean it as disrespect. It’s just the way the game has evolved.




[–]Lakers yungtatha 92 指標 9小時前

Top 10 passer of all time, easily.


[–]Kings EndlessDysthymia 127 指標 9小時前

Top 10 just to be safe? He’s definitely Top 5 all time, if not higher.


[–]Lakers yungtatha 73 指標 9小時前

Yeah I would put Magic, Stockton, Nash, and maybe Kidd ahead of him. Chris Paul is also a good candidate for that 5th spot.


[–]Damn Reality 54 指標 7小時前

Love Bron but no way you could put him over Chris Paul. Just look at CP3’s career AST/TO ratio (9.5/2.4) to Bron’s (7.4/3.5).


[–]HostilesAhead_BF-05 10 指標 3小時前

Really different roles.


[–]Damn Reality 6 指標 3小時前

True, another reason I would give it to CP3, the dude who’s job is to be a great passer. It’s incredible how good LeBron is at passing despite his different role but that’s not a reason that makes him better.


[–][SAS] Robert Horry PimpTheGandalf 33 指標 8小時前

Ye top 10 I wouldn't argue, but top 5 nah, LeBron is an amazing passer, but hard to be better than that top5


[–]Nets Bigbadbuck 28 指標 7小時前

This is the first year where lebron has really not been the primary scorer of his team in his entire career. All of the other top assist guys were not the leading scorers of their team. Lebron might average 10+ assists for the next 2 years.


[–]Raptors mikekowa 13 指標 9小時前

I think LeBron is better than everyone listed except for Magic, because of his size and strength. He can make weird contorted one handed passes straight into a chest of a shooter half court away.


[–]Magic YouCanCallMeAlFarouq 35 指標 9小時前

I would suggest checking some highlights of Nash and Kidd before you decide. They did some crazy shit too.

And I don’t exactly see why strength and size would decide how they’re better passers.



[–][LAL] Didier Ilunga-Mbenga honditar 6 指標 8小時前

Lol come on, how you gonna assume the guy has literally never seen Kidd and Nash play hahaha

I've been a fan since the Shaq days in LA, and a hardcore fan since about '06. There are people who match the vision of Lebron (Nash, Kidd, CP3), but his strength, size, and ability to manipulate defenses makes him the best passer I've ever seen. He's able to find/create passing opportunities that those guys cant



[–]Suns Designer_B 2 指標 7小時前

Man you can't put him over Nash are you joking?


[–][LAL] Didier Ilunga-Mbenga honditar 10 指標 6小時前

No, I'm not joking. I respect you coming to bat for your guy though.

Nash was obviously more of a passer, role-wise. But Lebron's traits allow him to access and execute passes that Nash could never dream of.

Lebron is the best I've ever seen at being able to reliably deliver the ball as quickly and accurately as possible to any spot on the court from any spot on the court.




[–]Raptors mikekowa 30 指標 9小時前

Haha, I'm an old man so I watched them play.

The strength and size plays a role in how fast he can get the ball to his destination and the off-angles he can pass from. Strength plays a part of why LeBron is an elite passer, it's not a huge factor but it gives him an edge.



[–]Magic YouCanCallMeAlFarouq 5 指標 8小時前

Ok I guess I can see that. How high do you think Jokic or Arvydas should rank then, since we’re incorporating in factors like those


[–]Pelicans LiveSlowDieWhenevr34 11 指標 8小時前

Jokic, if he continues his trajectory, will go down as the best passing big of all time. Currently he's only trailing Wilt Chamberlain in stats. He's definitely passed Arvydas in the eye test.

How that equates with the non-bigs? Honestly, it's really hard to tell. I think keeping it all in a Bigs and Non-Bigs categories makes it easier to define.



[–]Magic YouCanCallMeAlFarouq 7 指標 9小時前

I think #5 is the right spot for him. Magic, Stockton, Nash, Kidd, Lebron. Idk who else could really be argued over Bron at that point. Big O? Chris Paul? Idk, I feel like that’s a good top 5, with a little wiggle room on the ordering. Top 5 overall is pretty ridiculous for a non PG


[–]Kings EndlessDysthymia 7 指標 9小時前

Nah you’re right. It feels weird leaving off CP3 though.


[–][TOR] Delon Wright DelonWright 2 指標 9小時前

Oscar Robertson gotta be top 5.



[–]Say-WaddupMolePeople 8 指標 7小時前

While I think that D Wade is an amazing player, I think that Anthony Davis is just so much better this season than D Wade was when he played with Lebron. AD is looking like a top 3-4 player in the league not even exaggerating. And its good that AD is such a great player, because it really compliments the way that Lebron is adjusting his game to pass more. Exciting to see this team go against the Clippers.


[–]Cozzie78 9 指標 6小時前

LeBron and Dwade had an insane effective FG% of like 65% in there best years. Don't get me wrong AD is great but, Lebron and Dwades chemistry was on another level.


[–]Say-WaddupMolePeople 6 指標 6小時前

Yeah, but AD is a lot better for spacing and opening up shooters and othe players.

I mean AD is a lot more efficient in general. His TS is 61% this season. D Wade's best season TS was 58.8% (2013-2014 season) averaging significantly less ppg than AD. I personally prefer AD in almost every way.



[–]return_of_the_ring 9 指標 5小時前

Not to mention he has only one eyebrow instead of two.


[–]AD2020FMVP 5 指標 4小時前

Not to mention the third option differences. Wade and Bron had Bosh, We have Kuzma......

AD is the best team mate Bron has had. Wade has had the far better career but 27 year old AD Old man Wade.



[–]KevlaredMudkips -10 指標 8小時前

Hot take, I think Lebron did this just to disprove the narrative that he doesn’t pass enough or gets enough assists. Not denying this was a good season, but if you watch the film, he clearly overpasses and makes these sloppy mistakes.


[–]Lakers bengalsfu 7 指標 8小時前*

Who even says that lebron doesn’t pass enough? Ever since he’s left the heat he seemed to shift towards being a facilitator.


[–]EerdayLit 1 指標 5小時前

No one leads the league in assists by accident, or by natural flow of the game. It's something you have to strive for. If the Lakers don't win it all this year (with such a stacked roster, my god their third big man could start on most teams); it's all on LeBron. Should've spent the year trying to make your teammates better instead of worrying about your stat sheet.





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